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Product registration Help.

When you click ‘Product registration’ on the homepage, the following screen will appear:

You need to enter your username and password.

When you forgot your password, you click the link below the bulb.

The following form will be shown :

All other screens shown, will show only the important content, not the browser.

You only need to fill in your email address. The password will be emailed then.

When you do not have an account yet, you click the Postbus icon.

The following form will be shown :

The following information must be entered :


This is a username you can choose.


A password you want to use for the login. Choose something that can not be guessed easily. Do not use passwords you use with other accounts.

Enter password Again

Enter the password again. Do not paste it, but type it.


Enter your email address, or the email address where you can be contacted.

Enter Email again

Enter the email address again for verification.

Full Name

Enter your full name, for example Mark Alberts. You can also use, Mr. Alberts if you do not like to provide your first name.


The name of the company you work for.

Sending Email notify on updates

If you select this checkbox, you will get an email when there is an update available. Providing that your spam filter does not block our emails.

After filling in the requested information, a check is performed.

You can get the following errors :

- This name already exist, please choose another one

Also, when something is wrong, do not clear all info. Now it takes time to fill in everythingh again.

- This Email already exist, please choose another one

In this case, you are already registered, you can not register twice. You can request for the password.

When everything is ok, you see a message ‘Registration succesful’ and your name and password are filled in on the form. You can now press the Logon button to login.

You will now see the main registration screen:

You can see your status : ‘waiting for approval’ or ‘approved

All registration entries are verified and it can take some days until the registration is confirmed.

The following functionality you can use :

Modify user information

This allows you to change your name and company. You can also turn on/off the email notification

Modify email address

This allows you to change your email address.

Modify password

This allows you to change your password. You need to enter your old password , and the new password.

Product registration

Here you can choose the products you want to register. You can choose the product from a list. The serial number you can fill in. It must match the serial from the About box.

Download Lic files & List of registered products

Here you can see the list of registered products. And you can view a list of products and their version.

Suppose you registered a product. The status is ‘not valid’ because it is not confirmed yet.

Once MCS has confirmed your license, you will see 'valid'.

You will see that there are some new options once you are approved (download full version or lic files).


Here you can get support. It is advised to search the KB first. When you can not find the needed information, you can send your support call.